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Catholic Education Kindergartens are committed to providing a quality early childhood program where every child’s physical, emotional, spiritual and social development is met in a safe, caring, challenging and supportive environment.

Our university qualified kindergarten teachers implement a Queensland Approved Kindergarten Program (the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline) developed by the Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority.

Our approved charity-based kindergarten centres  are committed to:

  • Advocating for the rights and best interests of the child
  • Viewing children as successful, competent and capable learners
  • Promoting equity, inclusion and diversity
  • Valuing Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures
  • Respecting and supporting the role of parents and families
  • Providing best practice through the provision of a university trained teacher and qualified educators
  • Communicating regularly with families
  • Providing an Approved Kindergarten Program that supports children’s early learning with a focus on early literacy and numeracy, building positive relationships with others, emotional well-being, motor development and wonder about their world and God.

The Catholic kindergarten program also provides an all-encompassing family atmosphere that supports the nurturing of spirituality in the child. This is achieved within a loving Christian environment where gospel values and religious concepts and experiences are shared through every child’s natural relationship with God and their world.

Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme - Plus Kindy Support

Families may be eligible for kindergarten fee support, if they provide evidence of the following. The family (including foster families), of a kindergarten age child (the year prior to the commencement of school), has:

  • A current Australian Government concession card.
  • The child identifies as being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and the family chooses to identify them as such on their enrolment form.
  • The family has three or more children, of the same age, enrolled in the same year.

We believe children

  • Possess a natural curiosity and wonder about their world and their God
  • Are all able and competent
  • Engage with their world through a diversity of learning styles
  • Are unique
  • Are part of a wider cultural community
  • Bring prior knowledge and past experience to every learning experience to construct meaning
  • Have the right to access an education that provides them with the necessary knowledge and skills to participate fully in their world

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