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Education Council

The Diocesan Education Council was established in 1963 by Bishop Francis Rush. From its earliest days the role and function of the Education Council was to advise the Bishop on all matters pertaining to Catholic schooling and its delivery. As part of an ongoing commitment to renewal and improvement the Education Council has undergone many changes over the past 5 decades. During this time the Council has adapted in its role and focus to reflect the changing nature of education and legislative requirements as well as developments in the area of governance. Following the Defining Features of Catholic Schools research project in 2000, the Council has promoted the lifelong nature of Catholic education.


The Diocesan Education Council assists the Bishop in determining the educational policies for the Diocese. The Council is charged with setting educational priorities for the Diocese in the light of the Gospel message to the modern world. In collaboration with the Bishop, the Education Council establishes the broad direction for Catholic Education and faith formation.

The Bishop appoints members who will bring to the Council a broad range of expertise and involvement in the various aspects of Catholic Education. The Council’s membership is broad in its geographical and skill mix representation. Council members are appointed for a three year term with the possibility of reappointment as determined by the Bishop.

Operating within the general pastoral and educational goals of the Diocese, the Education Council enables the Catholic education vision and identity to take shape by delivering and monitoring educational policies consistent with the Diocesan mission.

The Education Council is serviced and supported by the Catholic Education Office and its executive arm. The Director of Catholic Education is the Executive Officer for the Council and is an ex-officio member of the Council.

Vision Statement of the Diocesan Education Council

As a community of believers, the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton is committed to an educational ministry that embraces and promotes lifelong, life-wide and life-giving faith learning. Working together as disciples of Jesus our vision is to:

  • Nurture the development of authentic Catholic education founded on the person of Jesus Christ and enriched by the Gospel
  • Support those involved in the leadership and delivery of Catholic education in the Diocese
  • Nurture partnerships between ministries in support of the evangelising mission of the Church
  • Encourage all involved with Catholic Education to be responsive to change, highlighting the relevance of faith to life

Mission Statement of the Diocesan Education Council

The Diocesan Education Council supports the Bishop in his teaching role as Diocesan pastor by shaping a Gospel–based vision for Catholic education which is committed to the development of the whole person at every stage of life.