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Student Protection

Student protection and wellbeing are paramount in Catholic kindergartens, schools, colleges and OSHC centres. Our commitment to the protection of children is based on our belief that each person is made in the image of God, and our ethos is to provide a safe and supportive environment for all. All children have the right to expect that the school will always act to protect them from any kind of harm.

Catholic Education in the Diocese of Rockhampton complies with all Student Protection legislative requirements. This includes meeting the accreditation requirements of the Non-State School Accreditation Board, which has approved the Student Protection Processes and Guidelines to be used in schools.

Student Protection staff within the Catholic Education Office have a role in assisting schools to discharge their Student Protection responsibilities. Our Student Protection staff can be contacted by phoning 07 4994 8060, 07 4994 8000 or 1800 228 433.

Under the Education (Accreditation of Non-State Schools) Regulation 2017 (Regulation 16(3)), Schools administered by Catholic Education (Diocese of Rockhampton) have at least two nominated staff members to whom a student can report behaviour of another staff member that the student considers inappropriate. The names of these Student Protection Contacts are made known to staff, students and parents and the names/positions/contact details of stated staff members for the school are maintained on a central register, updated regularly.

As part of Catholic Education’s commitment to child safety, the teaching of a child safety curriculum in all kindergartens, prep, primary schools and colleges in the Diocese of Rockhampton is mandatory.

Student Protection staff within the Rockhampton Catholic Education Office also carry out an educative role in relation to staff Student Protection training and other Student Protection strategies. Schools are also encouraged to promote parent education initiatives in relation to child safety.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information about Student Protection.

The Catholic Education Office has developed a Student Protection brochure for the information of Parents, Caregivers, Students and Staff.

Another brochure entitled Integrity in Relationships – Principles and Standards for Staff in Catholic Schools has also been developed.


Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum

Daniel Morcombe Foundation – www.recognisereactreport.com.au

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