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Mission Statement

Our Mission

Inspired by the person and teaching of Jesus Christ, we serve the communities of the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton.

We provide

  • Life-long faith education
  • Religious education
  • Relevant, holistic, quality education
  • Assisting all in their search for meaning for life.

Our Vision for Catholic Schools

  • Give witness to the message of Jesus and the mission of the Church
  • Are open and accessible to all who seek our values
  • Are communities of care and safety
  • Have a clear Catholic identity
  • Offer a relevant and holistic curriculum of quality teaching and learning
  • Are characterised by inclusive partnerships within a community of faith

Recognising each person's inherent dignity, as created in God's image, we seek to engage all in reconciliation, to deepen a respectful understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their histories, cultures and spiritualities.