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New QCE System

In 2019, Catholic schools in the Diocese of Rockhampton transitioned to the new Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and tertiary entrance systems.

Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR)

The new QCE will allow students in Year 12, from 2020, to be eligible for an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank or ATAR. Students may choose to complete General subjects, which, in Year 12, will include three internal and one external piece of assessment. The change to external assessment is in line with other states and our teachers and leadership teams are forward planning to ensure a seamless transition.

Place of Year 10

Year 10 is a pivotal point in the educational journey of students. As the final year of the P – 10 Australian Curriculum, it serves as an important foundation for the senior syllabuses. The best preparation for success in the new senior system is to teach, assess and report using the Australian Curriculum prior to the commencement of senior studies. Students in our diocese will commence Unit One of the senior syllabuses in Year 11.

Senior Education and Training Plans, known as SET-Ps, have for many years, been an important part of the process for students in Year 10 to choose the correct subjects for Year 11. Due to the nature of the new syllabuses, in the future, subject changes in senior will need to be rare and carefully considered.

The new system will have no effect on the timeless advice for students to choose subjects that best support

  • What they want to do
  • What they are interested in
  • And what they are capable of

Catholic schools will remain a great choice for families looking for school communities with high academic expectations and a clear pastoral care focus.  Putting young people first and helping them find meaning in their lives are key aims of Catholic education.

Place of Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Our colleges have an excellent reputation for providing multiple pathways for young people. Vocational Education will continue to be a valuable and effective choice for students in the new system. Certificate courses and the support for apprenticeships and traineeships will continue to be amongst our curriculum offerings.

The Teaching of Religion

Catholic colleges seek to prioritise young people’s spirituality and Catholic religious understanding. Consequently, students enrolled in our Catholic colleges will study a Religion subject

  • Study of Religion
  • Certificate III of Ministry and Theology or
  • Religion & Ethics

for the entirety of Year 11 and 12. 

The rich liturgical, pastoral care and high expectations, creating a positive school environment, will still be a priority in our schools.

Click on these links from the Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority to access useful Resources for Parents and the QCE and QCIA Handbook