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Information & Communication Technology

The use of ICT is an integral part of everyday life today.  

In Catholic Education teachers and students are encouraged to use digital tools for contemporary learning and to explore opportunities for learning in new ways.

In Catholic Education, Diocese of Rockhampton, policies and procedures have been developed to

  • enhance opportunities for students and teachers to engage with technologies that support innovative learning and new pedagogies;
  • provide professional development opportunities for staff so that they are able to effectively use ICT to extend their professional, learning and leadership capacities;
  • provide opportunities for parents/carers to undertake a strategic ICT planning role in school communities;
  • advise and support the deployment of reliable, robust, cost-effective and efficient infrastructures;
  • support student centred learning through the design and re-design of learning spaces that integrate technologies;
  • ensure equitable, inclusive, secure and personalised access to technology and quality digital resources and services;
  • facilitate data-informed decision making processes around the appropriate use of technology in Catholic schools;
  • develop ICT policy frameworks that link to school renewal and respect the dignity of the individual associated with intellectual property, digital rights management, copyright, and privacy;
  • encourage collaborative opportunities with internal and external stakeholders whereby a collective approach provides value-added benefits to Catholic school communities;
  • ensure that there is a balance of investment in people, technology and governance;
  • encourage the appropriate use of ICT in Catholic schools which supports the underlying beliefs and values of Catholic education particularly in the areas of community and communication.

A number of projects and initiatives have been undertaken in recent years to greatly improve school IT infrastructure, provide interactive technologies, conduct extensive teacher professional development and provide online and offline digital learning resources for students.