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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan for Catholic Education is the culmination of continuous reflection, analysis of information and prayerful consideration of key initiatives that will enhance and enable the growth and development of every student enrolled in a Catholic School in the Diocese of Rockhampton.

The Strategic Plan identifies priorities within a three-year planning phase maintaining our focus on continuous improvement within Catholic Education.

 The Strategic Plan is underpinned by the Vision, Mission, Virtues and the Principles of Catholic Social Teaching. The key resources of  the  National School  Improvement  Tool  (NSIT)  and  the Enhancing  Catholic School  Identity  Project  (ECSIP), which  are  to  be  used  to  promote  school  improvement  in  Catholic schools in the Rockhampton Diocese, have been organised within the four Dimensions of:

  • Catholic Ethos & Identity
  • Effective Teaching & Learning
  • Pastoral Support & Wellbeing
  • Leadership, Partnership & Resourcing

These four Dimensions are inter-related and align the processes for reviewing, planning, revising and reporting around continuous improvement within Catholic Education.