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16th June 2023

Expert workshops parent engagement

Recently conducted parent engagement workshops facilitated by international education expert, Professor Janet Goodall, have been hailed a resounding success, according to Project Officer for Catholic Education, Diocese of Rockhampton (CEDR), Kathleen Watt. 

Professor Goodall, a highly respected expert in family engagement in children’s learning and wellbeing, from Swansea University in the United Kingdom, shared her extensive knowledge and experience with staff and parents at Engaging Families in Learning and Wellbeing workshops held in Gladstone and Rockhampton in early May. 

Mrs Watt said the feedback received from participants highlighted the immense value of these workshops. 

“We have had such a positive response from staff and families. Her expertise and guidance empowered attendees with valuable insights and practical strategies to strengthen the connection between families and schools, to ultimately enhance the educational experience for students,” Mrs Watt said. 

“The workshops were instrumental in shedding light on the importance of parental engagement in their children's education. The information provided knowledge and actionable steps to enhance family-school partnerships,” Mrs Watt said. 

“Professor Goodall's primary focus on parental engagement stems from her belief that it plays a pivotal role in academic success and overall well-being. She advocates for the creation of positive, meaningful relationships between parents, teachers, and students, which can foster a supportive and nurturing environment for children to reach their full potential,” Mrs Watt said. 

Professor Goodall’s research has been widely published in academic journals and she has worked extensively with schools, governments and government agencies across the UK where her research and work has informed educational policy. 

CEDR Diocesan Director Leesa Jeffcoat said Professor Goodall’s visit was a joint initiative with Catholic School Parents Queensland. 

“I am most grateful to CSPQ for their leadership and support in organizing this invaluable opportunity for our Rockhampton and Gladstone school communities,” Miss Jeffcoat said. 

“Through collaboration and cooperation, Catholic School communities can fortify the bond between families and schools, leading to a more inclusive and enriching learning environment for the benefit of our students and their future success,” Miss Jeffcoat said.


Pictured above discussing parent engagement with Professor Janet Goodall (seated) at recent workshops at The Cathedral College, Rockhampton are from left: Leesa Jeffcoat, TCC Deputy Principal: Mission, Claire Stitt and Catholic School Parents Queensland Executive Director, Carmel Nash.

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