Parents & Community

Parents and Friends

The Parents & Friends Association is an integral part of Catholic schools in the Diocese and provides a formal structure for parents and others interested in the welfare of the students to plan and organise activities for the benefit of the school.

In particular, Parents & Friends Associations participate in Catholic schools by:

  • providing a medium of support, information and involvement of parents/carers in their children’s education and the school community
  • developing collaboration between parents/carers and school staff
  • promoting the principles of Catholic education
  • fostering a distinctive Christian environment in the school
  • providing a medium for parents/carers to participate at Diocesan, State and National levels.

While other groups may be active within the life of the school, no group, other than the Parents & Friends Association, can represent the interests of the whole parent body at any school.

The Diocesan Parents & Friends Council has responsibility for the Parent & Friends Associations in the Rockhampton regions and operates within a constitution approved by the Bishop.

Parent Education Fund

The Parent Education Program was established by the Director of Catholic Education to provide funding to Parents and Friends Association.

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