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Research Applications

Approval must be obtained before commencing research activity in Catholic Education Diocese of Rockhampton schools and/or colleges.

The approval process ensures that all research conducted in Diocesan Catholic Education schools and colleges adheres to policy requirements, so that the wellbeing of students and staff is protected, the integrity of learning is maintained at school sites, and research provides benefits for school communities and education in Queensland.

Steps to apply to undertake research in Diocesan Catholic Education schools and colleges:

  1. Ensure the research is in accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Research Involving Humans.
  2. Complete the application form.
  3. Ensure the following documents are included to support your application:
    • Project overview or copy of your HREC application;
    • Institutional organisation human research ethics approval;
    • Copy of each research instrument and/or set of interview questions that will be used in your research;
    • Participant Information Sheet(s); and
    • Participant Consent Form(s).
  4. Send your application electronically to director@rok.catholic.edu.au or complete a hardcopy of the form and mail to:

Diocesan Director

Catholic Education Diocese of Rockhampton
PO Box 524
Rockhampton Qld 4700.

If you have any questions regarding the approval process or the application form please do not hesitate to contact:

Executive Assistant to Director

Mr Neil McDonald
Phone: 07 4931 3600
E-mail: neil_mcdonald@rok.catholic.edu.au